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Top Support Issues

Registering with the FCC (FRNs)

Electronic transactions with the FCC require a unique, 10-digit FCC Registration Number (FRN) that is used as a registration for entities filing applications or making payments. Register for your FRN through the Commission Registration System (CORES) as soon as you expect to do business with the FCC.

Resetting your password

If you have forgotten it or want to update it, you can reset your CORES password online. This is the password used in conjunction with your FRN.

Spam Filters and FCC Support Email

When you submit a help or password request, FCC Support contacts you within the next 3 business days via email. To receive the reply, your email account may need to be configured to accept email from "" If your account is not configured to receive email from the FCC domain, replies from FCC Support may be deposited into your spam filter/ box.

Searching for ULS license data

The Universal Licensing System (ULS) License Search enables you to search for a wide range of licenses in the system. License Search provides access to the most basic attributes of a license. You can also specify more attributes combinations with the Advanced Search and search within services like Amateur using service-specific criteria. Please be aware that some combinations of search criteria may result in a longer wait.

GMRS Licensing

Operation of a GMRS system requires an FCC license grant. The FCC usually grants GMRS system licenses for a five-year term. You can renew your license 90 days prior to its expiration date of that license. To apply for a license, you may file electronically through the Universal Licensing System (ULS), or submit FCC Form 605 manually.

Checking an application status

ULS application search enables you to search the ULS database for specific applications. You can view applications, associated schedules, attachments, status information, and historical data.

Availability of FCC Electronic Filing & Public Access Systems

The FCC currently maintains numerous online systems that enable the public to submit and/or review different types of filings related to FCC proceedings, rulemakings, tariffs, and official forms. The current operation statuses of these systems are updated at FCC Electronic Filing & Public Access Systems.

Getting Connected to ULS

This page provides details on browser compatibility, configuration, Cookies, and plug-ins.

Submitting application fees online

Individual applicants and batch filers using ULS to file electronically remain subject to existing application fees, where applicable, under current FCC rules. Failure to associate your online application with an appropriate payment will result in dismissal of your application. You have ten days to submit a payment for an application filed through ULS.

Submitting an online help request

If you can not find your answers on our website, submit a request for help online. You will receive a tracking number that can be used to check the status of your request. The FCC will respond to your submission within 24 hours via phone and/or email.

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