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System Descriptions

Universal Licensing System
The Universal Licensing System (ULS) allows electronic filing of all applications processed by the Wireless Bureau. ULS allows you to indicate the application purpose and radio service code and guides you through the filing process until the application is submitted. ULS also provides the ability to search for applications by providing information such as a file number, applicant name or application purpose or to search for licenses by providing information such as a call sign, licensee name or radio service. Other features of ULS include the ability to download, in pipe delimited format, application and license data as well as the ability to use mapping software to visually display the specific location or overall geographic area of wireless licensees.

Antenna Structure Registration
The Commission provides for online registration and updating of antenna structure registrations. The interactive software also enables owners to review previously submitted antenna structure registrations (both electronic and hard copy submissions).

Transitional ULS (MDS/ITFS)
Electronic filing is currently not available for the Multipoint Distribution System (MDS) and Instructional Television Fixed Service (ITFS). These services are in the process of being migrated to the Universal Licensing System (ULS). MDS/ITFS License Searches can be performed against the transitional ULS Database for MDS/ITFS, which is the current repository of licensing data for MDS/ITFS. Application searches are still available against the BLS database.

FCC auctions are conducted electronically, and are accessible over the Internet. The FCC Auction System is accessible by anyone using a personal computer with an internet connection and a browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. (Bidders may also bid electronically through a dial-up network, as well as telephonically.) The system is state-of-the-art and is designed for ease of use. In fact, most operations can be performed by clicking a mouse button. A built-in help facility is also provided.

General Menu Reports (GenMen)
This search engine unites most of the Commission's licensing systems under a single search engine. Member databases include Universal Licensing System, Experimental, Cable Operations, Mass Media and International Bureau. Queries include frequency range, state/county, location (latitude/longitude), callsign and licensee name. A complete help facility exists to explain the functionality of the system. This can be used if the primary server is down for any reason. The reports and data will be exactly the same. A new version of the system has been developed. This includes powerful functionality not available with the obsolete software used to develop the original table based system. These improvements include the ability to carry query specifications through to the detail level and the calculated distance from center on location queries. The new system also features an updated help system, easier to read report layout, and Adobe Acrobat PDF printing. Where available, direct links to online license documents are provided. This facility is currently available for International Bureau, Experimental, and Mass Media licenses; and will be added for the other systems as available.

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