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Submitting Application Fees

Individual applicants and batch filers using ULS to file electronically remain subject to existing application fees, where applicable, under current FCC rules. Failure to associate your online application with an appropriate payment will result in dismissal of your application. You have ten days to submit a payment for an application filed through ULS. You may pay for fees by selecting the link labeled "Form 159" at the bottom of the Application Confirmation screen when filing through ULS, or you may return to ULS within ten days of submitting your application and select the "Pay Fees" link on ULS Home or Electronic Batch Filing (EBF) .

Submitting Fees to the Commission

Choose the link labeled "Form 159" at the bottom of the ULS Application Confirmation page when filing interactively, or choose the "Pay Fees" link from ULS Home or the Electronic Batch Filing (EBF) page.

Form 159 Button from the ULS Application Confirmation Screen

  1. Click the Form 159 button from the ULS Application Confirmation Screen.
  2. Login using the FRN and Password of the party paying the fees for your application or applications. This may be a different FRN than the one listed on the application.
  3. Click Continue to access Form 159.
  4. The Payment Summary page will appear. The Payment Summary page will display Applicant Name, the quantity of applications submitted, and the Fee Due. If instead you receive the error message "You may have mistyped your FRN or password," use the link provided to return to the 159 login screen to retype your FRN or password. If you receive Error Message 2, "Form 159 has been unable to match your FRN with a valid FRN in the CORES database," return to the Form 159 login page and retry your FRN and password. If you are still unable to login, contact FCC Support.

Choose either Pay Now by Credit Card or the View Form 159 buttons at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: If the Application Confirmation screen indicates, "No Application or regulatory fees are required," do not submit Form 159. If the Application Confirmation screen indicates, "Emergency STA, you will be billed," do not send payment.

IMPORTANT: If you believe the calculated fee shown on the ULS confirmation screen is incorrect, please call 1-877-480-3201 and select option #2 for assistance.

Pay Fees Enter your FRN and CORES password. Pay Fees will display a line of data for each application associated with your FRN that has been submitted to ULS in the last 10 days and for which fees are due and have not yet been paid. The following information is displayed for each application:

  • FCC Code/File Number
  • Applicant Name

    NOTE: The name of the transferee or assignee is displayed in the case of applications for Transfers or Assignments.

  • Purpose
  • Receipt Date
  • Fee Due

Follow these steps:

  1. Select one or more applications by placing a check in the box to the left of the file number. To select all applications, click the Select All button at the bottom of the list of applications. (If you make a mistake, click the Reset button to de-select files and begin again. Please note: the reset button will only reset the current page of file numbers displayed.)
  2. When you are ready to proceed, select the Submit button.
  3. The following page will display the number of applications you have selected and the total fee amount due for these applications. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to pay for these applications using the FRN you have used as your current login.

    NOTE: There is no need to login with your FRN and password again. If you would like another party to pay for the applications you have selected, you may enter that party's FRN and password in the center of the page.

    NOTE: You may also notify authorized third parties that applications are ready for payment, and they may then login within their FRN and password using the Pay Fees utility at their convenience.

  4. The Payment Summary page will appear listing Applicant, Applicant FRN, Quantity, and Fee Due. Verify that this information is correct, and select one of the following options: Pay Now by Credit Card or the View Form 159.

Pay Online Using a Credit Card

The fastest method of payment is via credit card. To pay online, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Pay Now by Credit Card button.
  2. On the following screen provide your credit card type, credit card number, and expiration date. Click the Submit Payment button.
  3. Next, an intermediate screen will ask you to wait while your credit card is being authorized.
  4. A Credit Card Payment Confirmation screen will be displayed. It contains your ten-digit credit card payment confirmation number and your remittance ID #. Print this page for your records by selecting the Print command from the file menu or toolbar of your web browser. Choose Close Window to complete the payment process.

Using the Pre-Filled Form 159

IMPORTANT: Payment must be received by the Commission within 10 days of the receipt date of the application. Our system will allow you to print a pre-filled Form 159 up to 10 days after you have submitted the application; however, if you choose to submit this manual Form 159, it must be received by the Commission with proper payment on or before the 10th day of the payment window. You must allow sufficient time for receipt of your application by mail or courier if you choose to send payment by these methods.

  1. Click the View Form 159 button. ULS generates an electronic Form 159 which is automatically pre-populated with your application information from ULS and payer information from CORES.

    Tip: If you clicked on the Form 159 button and do not see the Form 159, check the Windows taskbar (usually displayed at the bottom of your screen) for the Netscape or Internet Explorer symbol followed by FCC: Form 159. If this button is present, click on it to bring up the Form 159. If this button is not present, contact FCC Support.

    NOTE: Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date in CORES before accessing the pre-filled Form 159.
  2. Verify that the contact information for the payer on Form 159 is correct. If you need to update any of this information, you must abandon your current Form 159 session by clicking the Close (X) button located in the top right corner of the window, complete the steps below to update the payer's information in the CORES database, and then choose the Pay Fees link from the ULS homepage to begin a new Form 159. To update address and contact information:
    1. Go to CORES
    2. Login with the FRN and password of the PAYER.
    3. Follow the steps to change contact information within CORES, and press Submit to update the database.
    4. On the CORES confirmation page, under the heading "To continue on to another FCC Filing system," choose ULS.
    5. On the intermediate screen which follows, choose "ULS Online Filing. "
    6. Choose the Pay Fees link from ULS Home.
    7. Follow the instructions under "Pay Fees" above to complete a new Form 159.
  3. When all of the information on the pre-filled 159 is correct, click the button at the bottom of the page labeled Printable Form 159. ULS displays your application data in an application format suitable for printing. To print the formatted Form 159, select the Print command from the file menu or toolbar of your web browser. Once printed, you can close the browser window displaying Form 159 by clicking the Close (X) button, located in the top right corner of the window.
  4. Enclose a check for the fee amount printed on the form in ITEM #3 (Total Amount Paid). Multiple checks are not acceptable. To pay by credit card, complete the credit card information in Section E. Then mail or fax (if you have completed Section E, credit card information, only), Form 159 along with your payment to:
    Federal Communications Commission
    P. O. Box 979097
    St. Louis, MO, 63197-9000


  • When delivering fees by hand or courier, use the following address: Federal Communications Commission, U.S. Bank, 1005 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63101 (Attn: FCC Government Lockbox #979097, SL-MO-C2-GL) . DO NOT use this address for mailing applications. See the Fee Filing Guide for more information.
  • The Form 159 and accompanying fee must be received by the Commission within 10 days of filing the application.
  • To use the Pre-Filled Form 159, you must download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.

Using a Paper Form 159

If, for any reason, you cannot print the pre-filled Form 159, you can complete a paper Form 159 based on the information provided on the ULS/ASR Application Confirmation screen. Please note the following requirements for completing a Form 159 manually:

If paying by check, credit card, or wire:

Complete FCC Remittance Advice, FCC Form 159, following the directions specified in the procedure below. Send your completed Form 159 to the FCC address indicated in Step 4 above. A single Form 159 may only contain fee information for one to four (1-4) applications. Enter the application's ULS file number in the space labeled "FCC Code 2."

If paying for more than four (4) applications:

Complete an FCC Remittance Advice Continuation Sheet, Form 159-C, for each additional four (4) applications. For example, enter applications five through eight on the first Form 159-C, nine through twelve on second Form 159-C, etc.

If you are paying fees via Mellon Bank's Customer-Initiated Payment Plan (CIP), proceed as above, but with one exception: enter the application's ULS file number in the space labeled "FCC Code 2." For more information on CIP, or to participate in the program, contact FCC Support.

NOTE: The Form 159 and accompanying fee must be received by the Commission within 10 days of filing the associated application within ULS. To download a copy of the paper Form 159 and Instructions, see FCC Forms.
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Application Fees Must Be Paid within 10 Days of Submission
Online Filers: When your application(s) have been successfully submitted to the Commission via ULS, the Application Confirmation screen will display the file number, the FCC payment type code, and the fee amount due for each application you have filed. If a fee amount is indicated for your application file number(s), you MUST submit the required fees within 10 days.
Batch Filers: Application fees for applications indicated in a response file as being successfully submitted to ULS MUST be paid within 10 days of their submission date. Fees may be paid online using the ULS "Pay Fees" utility by batch filers, third parties, or individuals who have had their applications coordinated.