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Streaming Media


FCC offers some audio and video content. To play audio and video media files, you must have:

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Most computers are already equipped to play streaming media. To test your computer, you may try our streaming media demo.

Audio and Video Formats

FCC offers streaming media that are compatible with both Real Media and Windows Media.

Optimal playback of streaming media requires the latest software. Both audio and video content will play in these players. Download the latest versions of your preferred media player:

Real Player (Windows)Real Player (Macintosh OS X)

Windows Media Player (Windows)Windows Media Player (Macintosh OS X)


All media files on this site contain open captioning or closed captioning, synchronized text versions of the spoken words in the audio portion of the file. For media files with open captioning, the text appears permanently on the video picture or within the media file display.

When a media clip is identified as "closed captioned" but no text appears, you must enable the caption option in your media player if the text is desired. This feature is typically accessed via an option from the player’s menu bar. See Displaying Closed Captioning with Real Player or Windows Media Player.

Troubleshooting Streaming Media

If you are experiencing poor quality (for example, if the sound or pictures appear but skips and freezes), first, check your Internet connection. Video is optimally streamed on a DSL connection (256K or higher). The minimum connection for a video stream is a 56k modem connection.

Please note, that when you stream audio or video at the minimum connection speed, the stream is more likely to skip. If you have a limited connection speed when you are streaming media do not try to load web pages, download e-mail, or otherwise use your bandwidth at the same time. The stream will take all of your bandwidth and will skip or freeze if you try to use your bandwidth for other tasks.

Also, be sure that you have the latest versions of the media player software required.

For more information, see the help menu on your media player or consult Microsoft Windows Media or Real Player Customer Service.

Last reviewed/updated on 9/16/2005.